Stories make us human. Everyday I stumble upon hundreds of stories waiting to be told. My work is to collect them and share them; to squeeze out the juice to the last drop.

I am a visual artist based in Berlin. I specialize in film and illustration. My goal is to create worlds and tell stories with a focus on strong visuals. I am a fan of the surreal and extravagant.

José Rojas
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Berlin, 2064
Evolin is on the market since some years now — a pill that turns off all sexual desire.

This fictional documentary about a future without sexual desire is the result of a course on speculative design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. → Full length film on Vimeo
20 min | 2017

Starring: Stephan Brändle, Sabrina Frank, Carolin Maiwald, Michael Schröder, Lia J. von Blarer
Directed & Produced: 
José Ernesto Rodríguez & José Rojas
Camera: Jan Schulz
Costume: Frida Grubba


Originally it was supposed to be a small film exercise. But shortly after writing the script we realised it was something bigger …

Short film about obsession and loneliness.
12 min | 2015

Starring: Max Haase, Tamara Zeriadtke, Isabel Bongard & Jutta Wolff
Direction: José Rojas &
Josephine Wolff
Cinematography: Jan Schulz & José Rojas

Procrastination is a monster that interferes with our free will to do what we have to do. I’m afraid of it, yet once it knocks at the door I will invite it for tea and a slice of cake. The hours go by like minuetes and suddenly it’s too late. Procrastination already ate not only a slice of cake but my time as well.
I will then walk this creature out the door and hope it won’t visit me the next day. But I’m afraid it really likes my cake.

2016 | Photo series about doing everything else but what has to be done.

Model: Andrea Rojas

The purpose of this video material was to explain Cornelsen’s customers journey in an innovative and fun way. The films were projected at an internal event of the Editorial House.

1 min | 2016

Starring: Carolin Maiwald & Jan Schulz
Production: Josephine Wolff
Art Direction: José Rojas
Camera: Jan Schulz

This is a quite random collection of creatures and motives. It’s the result of being away from home and trying to travel from the commodity of my couch. In the process of this Sunday activity I decided to better visit spots of my hometown that I hadn’t been to yet. There I stumbled upon thousands of blurry faces, anonymous street view creatures.

2018 | Photo series in Mexico City

Screenshots by José Rojas
Original imagery by © 2018 Google

What if continuity errors had their origins in the plot of the film and not behind the camera?

Short film about a couple and continuity.
4 min | 2015

Starring: Natascha Lawiszus & Sascha Radovanovic
Directed: José Rojas & Ioannis Sarakasidis
Camera: Jan Schulz

A series of 5 Gifs that tell the story of a street artist painting the walls of the city. Melbourne is the name of a shoe produced by Brütting Diamond.

2015 | Promotional GIF series

Illustration: José Rojas
Philipp Strixner-Weber

Dich suche Ich.

For a couple of months I spent hours searching for personal ads in newspapers and online. Some of them turned out to be not only funny but actually told a story. After reading them I just let the brush do the rest.

2016 | Illustration Series

My latest illustrations →

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